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One Point of Contact. One Gateway. Multiple Merchant Accounts.
One Point of Contact. One Gateway.
Multiple Merchant Accounts.
Get Set Up Today!
Ryan Deiss
"I have shared your company info with the guys in my War Room mastermind group because your service is right up their alley, and I'll continue to plug you guys whenever anyone asks about merchant accounts."
Load Balancing
YOU Control Your Money… NOT the Processors!
  • A patent pending feature of the Easy Pay Direct Gateway
  • Use your existing merchant accounts or ours
  • Automatically distribute sales volume across your accounts
Customized Account Setup
From Shopping Carts to CRMs, we'll make sure it's a perfect fit!
  • One Easy online application, One point of contact.
  • Review & consultation of your current or proposed structure.
  • Ongoing account management.
Nathan Jurewicz
Internet Marketer | realworldprep.com
"They kept us from shutting down. They've just been a complete life saver. Even if you've been declined from other merchant account providers, give them a call. They just really know their stuff."
Larry Goins
"I’ve been in business for a long, long time. Easy Pay Direct protects me. I love working with them, easy to setup, no problems at all."
Low Cost Guarantee
You leverage our size and relationships when you work with EPD.
  • We bring our processors business every day.
  • We get the pricing a single business can't.
  • If we Can't beat your existing pricing,we'll give you $500.
  • Send us your statements and we'll give you a free price quote!
How it works
Call us, email us, or fill out an online app - and we do the rest!
  • Just setting up multiple accounts isn't enough. They need to be the right accounts.
  • We know which processors will like your business and how to avoid headaches. We talk to them everyday.They love Us.
  • Do they know why they should love you? Best of all – you just fill out ONE online application and we'll take it from there!
Peter Conti
"Easy Pay Direct simplify the application process and connected us with 4 different merchant accounts all within a few short weeks. I highly recommend Easy Pay Direct for anyone who's looking for a merchant account provider or a gateway."
Nick Nanton
Emmy Award Winning Director | Celebrity Branding Agency
"Easy Pay Direct is Awesome! The Merchant Accounts,The Gateway,The Protection. EPD made it easy!"
Get Protected TODAY! Just fill out the form.
Or Call 800-805-4949 to start accepting credit cards.
Easy Pay Direct Loves "High Risk" Merchants!